For Precision Tube Bending Needs

Preferred Tube Bending Guidelines

The following would be considered standard manufacturing criteria for contract manufacturing tube bending projects.

  1. Standard metal tubing size range from 1/8″ O.D. to 1.00″ O.D. (Tube sizes only, pipe sizes excluded.)
  2. Keep bend CLR (Center-Line Radius) to less than 6”. (Regardless of tube of O.D.)
  3. Distance between bend centers kept to no less than 1.5 x the tube O.D.
  4. Our tooling bend radius is measured to the centerline of the tube.
  5. Avoid greater than 180 degree bends.
  6. Avoid crossing of tubing.
  7. Keep bend CLR the same throughout assembly.
  8. Keep bend CLR to no less than 2 times tube O.D.
  9. Tolerances between bend centers kept to +/-.030″. Large parts will be measured in a constrained condition.
  10. CNC formed tubing assembly developed lengths up to 8 feet in most cases.
  11. Coiling developed lengths up to 50 feet (in soft copper tubing), 15 feet in other metals.
  12. Coil diameter minimum is best kept to 10 times tubing diameter. (Minimize tube flattening and keeps tooling simple.)

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