For Precision Tube Bending Needs

Metal Tube Bending/CNC Capability

metal tube bending service

Metal Tube CNC Draw Bending

Complex serpentine and 3D configurations can be performed using our proprietary dedicated bending technique for tubing .06 to .375 inches O.D.

Metal Tubing Materials

We accept LRA and Bend-Point (XYZ table) bend data input to machine.

Developed lengths up to 8 feet (any and all work).

End Forming Capabilities

metal tube cnc draw bending

Jettron Products has over 50 years experience in precision, custom tube bending & forming services. We serve a variety of industries.

Our quality management system is registered to meet the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2015. We are an approved supplier to many major OEMs.

Our diversified expertise and talent in manufacturing, purchasing, materials management and quality control will provide you with RELIABLE PRODUCTION of your tube bending & forming project.

We are accustomed to meeting the requirements of high reliability and tight tolerance manufacturing. Our staff, using COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, is prepared to offer their tooling design experience to ensure your product is produced with repeatable accuracy.


Standard (single) beading only (for hose connections).

beading end forming


45 degree & 37 degree (single) (for metric or SAE flare fittings/bushings).

flaring end forming


We can expand annealed tubing from stock I.D. to stock O.D. of a given size.

expanding end forming


Precision sizing of tube opening near bend tangent.

Rolling and Coiling

If the design allows, we can perform CNC simulated roll forming on your large curvature bends.

Heat Treating

Professional annealing and heat-treating (with cert.) on aluminum tube assemblies to allow for bending and then return to desired temper. In-house process annealing only on copper tube assemblies.


Up to 1.00″ O.D. tubing.