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Magnetron Connectors

magnetron connector

Jettron Products offers a line of Magnetron connectors.

Magnetron connectors feature a molded silicone rubber enclosure of the metal contact body, plus connecting cables that extend either laterally or axially.

Other magnetron connector configurations include a panel mount unit and the deep well type which is molded Viton to resist attack from transformer oil and/or corona discharge.

connector configurations
capacitor shunting info

The connectors are available with or without a capacitor shunting the contacts.

The connecting leads can be customized in terms of length and termination.

If you have one of our connector part numbers and/or the tube type designation, call us and we will provide the additional connector information you may need.


Magnetron Tube Number
Connector Number
4J50, 4J52, 4J52A, 6865, 7008, 7110, 7111, M4193D
90-000 (no capacitor)
S.F.D. #’s: 301, 315, 325, 327, 332, 335, 336, 340, 349, 352, 354, 363, 366
90-001 (with capacitor)
90-030 (no capacitor)
JETEC: 8468, 8855
90-031 (with capacitor)