Jettron Products, Inc. For Over 50 Years…

Supplying quality high voltage lead assemblies, high voltage receptacles & precision tube bending services to various industries.

Welcome to Jettron Products, Inc.

Jettron Products has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing, fabrication and assembly of custom electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical products. We specialize in precision, custom tube bending & forming services. We serve a large variety of industries.

• Outstanding reputation for fast turn around delivery at competitive prices
• Quality system registered ISO 9001:2015
• Approved supplier to many major OEMs
• Custom requirements are welcome
• Tooling in house

custom tube bending services

Contract Manufacturing

Precision custom tube bending services, including complex bends, CNC capability and end forming.

high voltage products

High Voltage Products

High voltage assemblies, including lead assemblies in various configurations, receptacles and magnetron connectors.